We are offering private and group classes in Drama & Acting.

Kathy Clements     Drama Coach

Showing the world who I am with the help of Drama

When meeting new people, talking in a group, or giving an oral book report, we all can be awkward and even scared. This class is designed to use the fun of drama to help build self esteem and personal confidence in those situations. It will be a safe environment for a small group of students to express themselves. Students will be using improvisation, short monologs, mime, and other dramatic techniques to improve their communication and speaking skills. There will be opportunities for script writing and mini performances within the group. The goal is to be able to take the skills and techniques learned in this class and apply them in school and social settings.

Shawnee Baird    Acting Coach

Shawnee will be working with individuals in a private coaching session to work on customized goals, and specific audition preparations as per request. Musical Theater, Theatrical Acting, School Productions etc.

Spaces are limited, so act quick!